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conditioning of wate water

Control filters to protect the environment

Eliminate biological fouling in coolants

Cooling water of an aluminium plant is returned into the river Donau. An AP713 with a flow rate of 15 m³/h and 50 µm is used to extract organic particles from the water. With every self-cleaning cycle our filter leads the concentrated biological waste water into the communal canalization.

Biological fouling – cooperation with sewage plants

Decreasing the COD value in the waste water of a bio reactor, an AP5011 reduces the costs of sewage disposal. 40 m³/h at 80 µm are sufficient to extract the majority of the bio mass. Since the regular operating pressure of this customer is too low for the automatic self-cleansing, the required pressure of 2.5 bars is temporarily produced with a feed pump.

Biogas plant

The dirt load after the concentration in a biogas plant highly fluctuates. An AP713 with 50 µm fineness helps to withhold the dirt load and ensure the environmental constraints are fulfilled.