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Process fluids

Suction filters

Cleaning of molds

In a production plant for latex gloves, the molds are cleaned with a flow rate of 20 m³/h. Our customer ordered an AP713 to drastically increase the quality. The automatic self-cleaning filter extracts irritating particles from the process water and disposes them selectively.

Specialty paper

A belt-discharge drum filter is used in a paper plant to treat process water. In case this drum filter drops out, an AP5011 with a fineness of 80 µm serves as a control filter. When the aquaPROFI filter cleans frequently, it signals the staff to maintain the drum filter. Therefore, our filter serves to ensure the production of the plant.

Surface treatment

One of our customers uses anodizing lye as process fluid. Here we filter 50 m³/h with an AP5011 at constant 95°C and 100 µm in a bypass arrangement. This filtration increases the durability of an immersion tank with about 30 m³ volume.