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Surface water extraction

Protection for aggregates and pipes

Water from the river Nahe

Water is extracted from the river Nahe for the cooling circuit of a galantine production: A canister filter holds back shells, followed by two AP5011 filter units. These treat the water with a flow rate of about 200 m³/h at 100 µm. The whole unit has been built into a specially designed 40'-Container and forms a closed filter aggregate together with the pumping station.

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Water from the river Sieg

Four AP5011 are in use at Siegburg, to extract water from the river Sieg. Starting with a test filter in 2010, the filter station was quickly expanded to three AP5000 units. With time, these units had been modernized and updated to the next generation AP5011. In 2014 a fourth AP5011 in stainless steel was added to the filtration, since the water demand continuously grew. With a screen fineness of 100 µm and a flow rate of 400 m³/h all filters work reliably and without interruption still today.

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Water extraction at harbor

An heat exchanger is fed with water from a harbor at the river Havel. Depending on the demands, a flow of 40 – 100 m³/h are filtrated at 5.5 bars. The installed filtration unit is made up from two canister filters. The dirt load is held back by 150 µm screen caskets which have to be rinsed regularly. The modular casket system invites to experiment with different filtration finenesses on our screens.