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Referenz Oberflächenwasser-Entnahme: Nahewasser

filter aggregateWater extraction from the river Nahe

Application: Cooling circuit in a galantine production

Einbau des Aggregats im ContainerWater is extracted from the river Nahe for the cooling circuit of a galantine production: A canister filter holds back shells, followed by two AP5011 filter units. These treat the water with a flow rate of about 200 m³/h at 100 µm. The whole unit has been built into a specially designed 40'-Container and forms a closed filter aggregate together with the pumping station.

In the first equipment level a container on customer site had been equipped with:

  • Rack for filters and pumps
  • One supply line with a AP5000E filter, electrical and hydraulic pump (provided by customer), pneumatic waste water valve
  • Compressor
  • Control station for four separate supply lines
  • Filter-Pumpen-KombinationA potential free signal to the control center
  • Two canister filter SF 27 including casket (by Fuhr)
  • Piping and valves
  • Symmetric implementation
  • Water inlet on the river side, designed as frame and faced with steel sheets
  • Water outlet on the upper opposite side, also framed and faced
  • Filter in lined order, motor and gears inside

Sector/Product: Galantine

Place: Bad Sobernheim/Nahe

Filter type: 2 AP5000, 2 Topffilter

Application: Surface water to process water

Flow rate: 300 m³/h

Dirt load: Shells and sand

Control: Siemens LOGO