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Treatment of cooling water

Applications in various sectors

Cooling water in automobile industries

An automobile company at the river Neckar treats its cooling circuit at four different spots using an AP7013 each. The river water is freed from floating particles at 170 m³/h at 100 µm per filter. Since polymer pipes are implemented in the plant, we used noncorrosive V4A for our filter.

Cooling tower in fuel industries

Three AP5011 have been installed in a parallel arrangement to treat cooling water for a large fuel company at the rhine. Combined, our filters treat 200 m³/h at 60 µm and this way keep the cooling towers clean.

Cooling water for drying plants

For the drying process in a pharmaceutical company four of our AP5011 filter treat a flow rate of 350 m³/h. Placed in a parallel arrangement, the filter unit runs with a fineness of 80 µm.