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A reliable partner

System and practice orientated solutions for the individual requirements of our customers

For over 40 years we have been a reliable partner for industry, providing solutions for fluid filtration. We accompany our customers from the first steps of a project to the operating facility. In close contact with our consultant, we analyse the task and create a solution which is optimized to their individual requirements. We provide all necessary main components and additional products to meet all needs.

We define the system boundaries and flexibly combine different products to one unit, profiting from our in-house production depth. Having a continuous exchange of ideas and thoughts between business partners, workers and management ensures that technically and economically optimized solutions are provided by the filter aggregate.


Filtration needs experience

Hundreds of thousands of filters by Filter PROFItlich are permanently operating worldwide. Well-kown customers from various industry sectors have honoured the quality of our products and services with loyalty over decades.

We concentrate on welded steel constructions, that take into consideration the exact demands of customers. The advance for your customers: The construction stays flexible, the piping efforts remain at a minimum, just as the need for houses, valves, compensators and other additional components.

From single aggregates to series

With decades of experience and a highly detailed production depth, we offer tailored solutions from single aggregates up to the production of series in the fields of

  • Polymer machines,
  • Casting machines,
  • Machine tool industries
  • Plant engineering

NC and CNC machines enable us to manufacture single products and series rationally, flexibly and cost-efficiently.

Our flexibility – your advance

Our core competences lay in construction, production and installation of filter solutions for fluids, especially oils and water. The engineering, manufacturing and forming of fluid dynamic housings are all located under one roof.

High cost pressure, strong competition and short delivery times create new challenges for suppliers. Filter Profitlich as a competitive and flexible company keeps the pace of the market: With our large data resources we design the filter you need, when norm filters don´t fit your requirements. We adjust our standard filters to fit your construction – not the other way round.