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Constructions – easy to maintain!

Going beyond the classic backflush filtration, the principle of function in our aquaPROFI fluid filters not only makes the filtration very efficient but also easy to install and maintain.

Simple and quick expansion

The modular construction of the filter housings makes our aggregates perfect for simple refitting or expansion. Since there are no especial lifting tools needed to open the housing lid, all important components are reached directly and uncomplicatedly for an easy maintenance.

Upright installation for optimal maintenance

Our self-cleaning fluid filters can be installed in all desired directions – whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, our construction sets no limits. Nevertheless, an upright vertical installation enables a maintenance without having to empty the housing beforehand.

In this configuration, the waste water valve is located at the very bottom. Next level above we find the raw water inlet and further up the clean water outlet. All electric parts, except the magnet valve for waste water, are located on the housing lid and can be placed aside while the filter is open. During maintenance, the filter can be rinsed and checked from the clean side downwards to the raw water inlet.

Simple Maintenance

The maintenance of our fluid filters is done in a few simple steps. Here are all necessary steps from the very beginning of maintenance until restart of the filter.

  • Set filter to „inactive” on the SPS control
  • Shut the inlet and outlet of the filter
  • Open the waste water valve
  • Loose the nuts on the housing lid and unscrew. During this, most water leaves the filter through the waste water valve. The housing is emptied unto the bearing of the suction shaft
  • Lift the housing lid and lay aside
  • Pull out the screen bearing and suction shaft
  • Extract the filter screen
  • Clean the extracted parts and check for function
  • Rinse the inside of the filter from outlet to inlet
  • Montage all the filter in reversed order
  • Spin the suction shaft into mid-position. The contact ring has to stand in between the sensors
  • Replace the housing lid and tighten the screws.
  • Close the waste water valve
  • Slowly open the inlet and outlet simultaneously
  • Set filter to ”active“. Test for function by pressing ”Manual cleaning“. The cleaning process starts by opening the waste water valve. The drive starts spinning. When the lower sensor is reached, a signal light lights up and the waste water valve closes. The drive changes direction and the suction shaft returns to the initial position.

Now, the self-cleaning filter is operating again and awaits a trigger for a cleaning process. This process is triggered either by the differential pressure, caused by the dirt load, or by a time relay.