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Competence by a high production depth

Filter PROFItlich not only consists of a competent and experienced engineering and construction department, but also a highly detailed production depth with all corresponding machinery. This combination enables us to discuss the engineering with our customer, define the technical solution and manufacture individual products in-house.

Filter PROFItlich therefore uses up to date software and data bases, e.g. Job Dispo for product management and calculation or Solid Works to create models and drafts and their modification

The quality of our products is warranted by:

  • Licenced stainless steel welding
  • Our high competence in forming and collaring of pipes and components. This minimizes turbulences and provides fluid dynamic and streamlined design.

Customer orientated analysis of demands – possibly on site -, modelling in CAD and subsequent customer support: Our goal is to create an optimal and economically convincing solution for you.

Flexible modular system

The aquaPROFI filters can be adjusted individually considering piping, pressure, volume, dirt type and dirt load. At the same time, our modular system provides

  • Spares,
  • Reconstruction,
  • Expansion,
  • Updating,
  • Refitting of components

implemented perfectly and in shortest time on your aggregate.

The flexible construction of the filter housing is the foundation for a successful and uncomplicated refitting or updating: No special tools or lifting supports are required to open the housing lid. All important components like the filter screen or suction nozzles are reached easily.

Furthermore, at Filter PROFItlich you can expect quality and full service out of one hand. Development and manufacturing in-house guarantee that components can be tracked back over decades and spare parts are provided on long term.

Also, we see ourselves as suppliers and complement consisting systems for plant engineering and water treatments. From advice over construction to manufacturing, commissioning and technical support – for your success we care for a wide network and cooperate with close partner as e.g

Your requirements exceed the standards? The same applies to the commitment of our team – challenge us!testen Sie uns!